I'm Jessica, a professional portrait photographer in beautiful Winter Garden, Florida.

I'm a wife and a mama to three beautiful and energetic kids, and I am so blessed to get to share my passion for photography with the world! 

From theatrical makeup to interior design, creative expression has always played a big role in my life. But once I purchased my first DSLR camera, I knew that photography was my calling! After completing a 2 year program at the University of Tennessee, 8 years in business, and with over 1000 photo sessions under my belt,  I am still completely fascinated with the art.

I am a crazy perfectionist, always obsessing over the little details in my portraits. I make dresses, head pieces, custom setups, and whatever else is needed to bring my vision to life. I prefer dramatic colors colors and simple sets, and adore a stunning black and white image. I love capturing the sweet interactions of a family, but also strive to get a show stopping portrait for your wall. Honestly, I think every photo you get from me should be frame-worthy! After all, you aren't hiring a professional photographer to hand you a CD of snapshots (you can do that yourself). I always deliver quality over quantity, so I take my time to capture that perfect portrait.... the one that even your grandchildren will be proud to hang in their homes!