If you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE babies... we are going to have so much fun!


When you are sure you will be using JMP for your newborn session, please contact us ASAP to get you due date on our books. I take a limited number of newborns per month, because they need to be photographed within the first two weeks of life (that's when they are still sleepy and flexible enough to get traditional newborn portraits taken). New parenthood can be overwhelming, and two weeks can fly by. Having everything set up ahead of time will allow us to keep in touch throughout your pregnancy, and be ready when baby arrives!


Neutral colors are prefect... grays, beiges, creams, whites, navy. Soft colors or muted shades are also great. Try thinking about the room you will likely hang the photos in, often times those colors will be in a scheme you like, and the portraits will fit into the room seamlessly. Please stay away from writing and pictures on shirts. No need to bring anything for baby to wear, I have plenty!


All props and clothing will come from our extensive collection. However, if you have  something special (like a hat or blanket), feel free to bring it. I always try to include a set up in your baby's color or nursery theme, so let me know ahead of time what those colors are.  Expect the session to last between 2-4 hours, depending on your baby's temperament. Bring snack and drinks for yourself. The studio will be heated to about 80 degrees to keep baby comfortable when nude, so dress in layers.  Try to keep baby awake directly before heading to your session, and plan a feeding for the trip over or for after you have arrived. That way your little one will be tired and hungry, and will sleep well. JMP is a pro breast feeding studio, so please don't be shy!  Nursing is often the best way to get babies to calm down, and it is 100% welcomed! Bring a binky (if using) and extra milk, sometimes they need a little more then usual since we will be moving them around so much.


Please bring siblings, I'd love to capture a photo of your complete family! We will take family and sibling photos first, so they will be free for the rest of the session. There is a playground next door, netflix on TV, and we are right by downtown Winter Garden. Often times, one parent will head out for lunch or to the splash pad with the little one while we finish up solo newborn shots.