Good choices in clothing are one of the key elements to a great photo session! It's very important to pick something you love wearing and feel great in!  What you wear will set the mood for your photos, and can make or break your shoot.

It’s a great idea to plan the outfits, lay them out on a bed, step back and take a look. Send me a photo, I’d love to help! I have even been known to shop with my clients on occasion, so please dont hesitate to ask!  I also have some fantastic pinterest boards to help get you started envisioning your color theme.

Clothing should be simple and timeless. Usually patterns are best kept small, and only on one person. Matching is not necessary, but coordinating is. Try to stay in the same color family.  It’s usually best to pick a neutral palette, and then add in one accent color.  Try to get at least three items of clothing or accessories on each person. For example: a boy could wear shorts and a t-shirt under an open button down, and a girl could wear a dress, boots and a hair bow.

Please DO NOT wear ANYTHING with printed pictures or large logos on it, no stretchy or sweat pants, and try to avoid bright white sneakers.  Try not to have one single person in black, it is not a neutral color and will not look good in the photos unless black is part of your color theme (black as part of your color theme is fine). I might ask you to remove phone watches, or any other accessories that dont photograph well.